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Book Zach Broach

Fire & Flow Artist

Welcome to the exhilarating realm of TigerMotif --where fire meets artistry, transforming any evening into a spectacle of energy, music, and light.

With years of experience in fire manipulation, martial arts, and flow art performance, Zach Broach, aka TigerMotif, breathes life into flaming or led swords, nunchucks, staffs, and other weaponry.

Hire this flow artist to create a display of pyrotechnic prowess that will leave your guests in absolute awe!

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Massage Therapist, Musician, Fire Performer & Flow Artist

Serving near Alexandria, VA, Temple Hills, MD, and Washington, DC. Available for travel for Events.


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Set your night
on fire

Ready to turn up the heat at your next event?

Book TigerMotif today and set your event ablaze with a spectacle your guests will talk about long after the flames have died down.

Light up the night with Zach Broach, your premium choice for fire entertainment.

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