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Massage in Alexandria VA

Massage & Reiki delivered to your home

Revitalize. Refresh. Renew.

Experience the luxury of healing without stepping a foot outside your home, with TigerMotif's mobile massage near Alexandria, VA.

Serving the vibrant community of NOVA and the DMV, we bring the magic of rejuvenating touch and energetic alignment directly to your space, setting the stage for a transformative wellness journey.


You will be amazed at how things magically fall into place when you let go of the illusion of control.

- Maryam Hasnaa

Mobile Massage near Alexandria VA and Temple Hills, MD

Welcome to Tiger Motif's mobile massage services.


We transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation. Here's what you can expect:

  • Personalized treatment plans designed to dissolve tension and enhance circulation.

  • Expert techniques grounded in ancient healing arts traditions.

  • A holistic experience promoting deep relaxation and self-discovery.

  • Stress relief and serenity within the comfort of your home.

Our therapeutic mobile massage near Temple Hills, MD and Alexandria VA is more than just a procedure.


It is a holistic experience that takes you on a journey of deep relaxation and self-discovery. It's your personal sanctuary, a haven within your home where stress melts away, and serenity takes place. Contact us or Book today!


Reiki Healing: Balancing Your Energy

Head Massage

Imagine an energy field around you, pulsating with life, waiting to be harmonized. With our mobile Reiki services, that's precisely what we aim to do.

Our expert Reiki practitioner channels the universal life force energy, promoting a sense of harmony and well-being that transcends the physical. This is energy healing at its finest - subtle, profound, and profoundly transformative. 

Here's what you can expect:


  • Energetic healing through the channeling of universal life force energy.

  • A sense of harmony and well-being transcending the physical realm.

  • Subtle yet profound transformation, leaving you refreshed, rebalanced, and reenergized.

  • The unique combination of massage and Reiki near Alexandria VA can help with optimal alignment of body, mind, and spirit.


Looking for a chair massage near Washington DC?

Mobile Chair Massage near DC -- available to relax and rejuvenate at your office

Our mobile Chair Massage brings relaxation directly to you!

If you're looking for a convenient way to get a chair massage in the Washington DC area, our mobile massage service is the perfect choice. We'll bring the massage chair to your location and provide you, or your office, with a professional massage.

Whether you're looking for stress relief or a corporate event massage, our DC chair massage services will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 


With our convenient service, you can enjoy the benefits of chair massage without ever having to leave your office. Contact us for relief near DC, and corporate chair massage rates.

Overhead view of masseur massaging shoulders of brunette businesswoman with closed eyes, s

Your sanctuary. Your schedule.

Experience the rejuvenating combination of reiki and massage in Temple Hills, MD and near Alexandria VA. Our service is uniquely designed to align your body, mind, and spirit.

Let the healing hands of our practitioner guide your energy centers, leaving you refreshed, rebalanced, and reenergized.

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